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Stage 1 chip tuning file for the ECU MB B 180 CDI 109hp 80kW Delphi CRD3-651-WMI77D1-246WD-80kw-3JDFIV-EU5OP_LH-EF-11_DLuE_TestV CRD3 6519010601 6519023101 CMD . Make sure the numbers match before downloading the file. If you encounter any problems, please contact You can also use our tuning files service prepared by our experienced tuners: files from 55€

Car MB B 180 CDI
Type -
Year 2014
Engine 1.8
Power 109hp 80kW
File size 4194304 (400000)
File type Binary
ECU Delphi
ECU number CRD3-651-WMI77D1-246WD-80kw-3JDFIV-EU5OP_LH-EF-11_DLuE_TestV
8-bit checksum 9421
ECU type CRD3
Hardware 6519010601
Tool CMD
Software 6519023101
Version -

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MB B 180 CDI -2014-1-8-109hp-80kW-Delphi-CRD3-651-WMI77D1-246WD-80kw-3JDFIV-EU5OP-LH-EF-11-DLuE-TestV-CRD3-6519010601-6519023101-CMD-stage1.bin

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